The Sanitaire brand is widely used among cleaning professionals as these machines are effortlessly easy to use, come standard with a 2-10 year warranty, and were built for heavy use. The durability and simple design extends to each and every model this brand has created. 


Sanitaire offers both Residential and Commercial cleaning machines.



Sanitaire is most known for their commercial line as the stereotypical "red vacuum cleaner" is often shown in movies and TV shows. Have you stopped to wonder how durable those machines have to be in order to keep up with heavy traffic areas such as hotels and office buildings? Sanitaire took their Commercial cleaning ability and extended it to Residential cleaning. These machines were built for customers that need a deep clean, easy operation, and want a machine that will last. Sanitaire's Residential line consists of many small hand-held units, lightweight canisters, and lightweight uprights



There is a reason so many cleaning professionals choose Sanitaire: Performance, noise level, price point, and usability. These powerful machines allow the user to clean effectively in less time, with a minimum amount of noise. Even through continual use, these machines stand the test of time. The Sanitaire Commercial line includes a vast array of cleaning options. From lightweight backpack vacuums, uprights, and wide-range machines, to canisters. Sanitaire's commercial line combines cleaning professionals need for high-function and long-lasting components. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Sanitaire vacuum, we have many on display in our store! Call us or stop by and see for yourself how powerful and durable these machines are.

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