Miele is a German-made appliance line. The high-tech design, attention to detail, and focus on highest quality and the environment set them apart. The Miele brand is unmatched in filtration, warranty and cleaning ability. If you are looking for the top of the line vacuum in function and filtration, look no further than Miele.


Miele vacuum cleaners are designed and constructed to last a lifetime. Their vacuums average 15-20 year lifespans! Their technological advancements allow all their machines to transition to any flooring type. Meaning once you buy a Miele, no matter where you move, or how many renovations you do, your vacuum grows with you.


Just purchased new flooring? Added a furry addition to your family? Need to get into hard to reach or delicate areas? Miele has an attachment and tool for every need. They leave no stone unturned with their function and ability. Most importantly, Miele models are easy to use and operate. 


Uprights: Miele uprights were made to deliver powerful suction, the best filtration, and be easy to operate. The Miele swivel-neck design and technology allows the user to maneuver around obstacles, furniture quickly and without force.If the model you are looking at does not come standard with HEPA filtration, it is easily added. The same is true for a charcoal filter which is ideal for pet owners. 


Canisters: Miele is known for their canisters. Each model is designed for high-function, durability, and the best filtration. Canisters are more versatile, and with the simple change of flooring tool, your vacuum is ready for any task. This is ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas, upholstery, pet hair, and mixed flooring. Imagine being able to transition from high pile carpet, to low pile carpet, tile, and hard flooring seamlessly. All Miele canisters can be upgraded to HEPA or charcoal filtration, and most models can be upgraded to Miele powerheads. Miele stays true to their philosophy that cleaning should be effective, effortless, and ensures your home's air is clean and safe.   


Upright Stick: These models work ideal for any user. While you may think these models can only be used for those with smaller homes, you are mistaken- These small uprights have the Miele suction and cleaning ability, and can happily be the only vacuum you own. These uprights allow the user to use any Miele head- including Miele powerheads! These units are easy to store, lightweight, and also function well for those who want a smaller unit for quick pick ups. 


Robotic: Miele also has a line of robotic vacuums, which pair perfectly with your Miele vacuum. Imagine needing to vacuum less often- what could you do with more time? These units are easy to program and quiet- you won't even know your floors are being cleaned! 


Experience an entirely new clean with Miele.


Have any questions? Please call us or come in and test out a Miele today!  


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