Hoover is a dependable and affordable vacuum line that offers easy functioning and high-powered units. Hoover has a vast line of units including cordless, upright, canister, stick, or hand vacuums. Also, choose between bag or bagless models. There is truly a Hoover model for any need. 


As this line is quite large, it can seem daunting to decide what model is the best for your cleaning needs. Each model includes different features such as onboard tools, bottom release dirt cups, and different storage options. 


We also carry Hoover Carpet Shampooers. These machines are an excellent addition to your cleaning arsenal. They allow you to clean your carpets quickly and offer a deep-clean: Getting your carpets squeaky clean and free from dirt and bacteria. These units are powerful and so effective that you won't know how you lived without one! With just one use you are saving money by not paying for a professional to come clean your carpets, and you have the ability to clean any mess, any time.  What a time and money saver! 


Come in and get matched with the perfect Hoover vacuum for all your needs today! 

 We proudly carry Hoover Vacuums, Carpet Cleaners, Bags, Belts & Replacement Parts.


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