Fuller Brush

Fuller Brush has been providing high-quality, durable machines for over 100 years. This company began with smaller and handheld models and has since expanded to a full line of upright models. The Fuller Brush brand is both affordable and effective.


Upright: Fuller Brush's upright models include both bag and bagless models as the company believes no two homes have the same cleaning needs. They believe vacuums should have the ability to adjust to any cleaning need, and their uprights come with height adjustment and onboard accessories to achieve a high-quality clean. 


Canister: Fuller Brush has a few canister models which offer onboard tools, HEPA filtration, and powerful suction. As other canisters, these models can be tailored for any flooring need, as a simple floor brush change completely transforms the machine. 


Specialty Vacuums: Fuller Brush is mostly known for their dynamic specialty vacuums which range from small handheld units to quick pick up cordless models. If you are looking to have a small unit on hand for spills, crumb, and those unforeseen smaller messes, these specialty units will make your cleaning experience much easier. 

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