Have you heard of the revolutionary cleaning cloths that clean your entire home without chemicals?


We found and tested these cloths, and have been telling everyone we can about them since. These cloths will change the way you clean and are perfect for those looking to clean chemical-free. 


e-cloths aren't your typical microfiber cloth. These cloths remove 99% of bacteria and pathogens by simply adding water to the cloth, and wiping. Better yet, these cloths are machine washable and guaranteed for 300 washes. Instead of reaching for a paper towel, simply grab an e-cloth. After cleaning up a mess, rinse the e-cloth, and you are ready to clean again. Wash once a week. How simple is that?


You will be saving money by not buying paper towels, but most importantly you won't be adding to our landfills. By not using harsh chemicals, you are improving your home's air and your family's safety. 

Come see why we're crazy about e-cloths! 

We proudly carry e-cloths & their floorcare line!


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